Jeffery & Nicole

This is Nicole.

And this is Jeffery.

Nicole and Jeffery met 9 years ago in video school.

On the first day, Jeffery sat in the front row and Nicole sat in the second.

Nicole wrote about this day on LiveJournal:

Both being socially awkward recluses, they didn't interact much after that.

Until 4 years ago, Nicole met Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia at her TV job and posted a picture with them on Reddit.

Jeffery's response?:

8 months later, they moved in together, merging their families.

And they adopted another family member along the way.

Nicole had always planned that her mother, a jewelry designer, would make her engagement ring and give it to the person who intends to propose (along with Mom's blessing, of course). Jeff knew this, but he couldn't get Mom's approval. Just kidding, of course he did.

Jeffery and Nicole decided to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016 with a trip to visit friends, Andrew and Denise, in Oakland, California.

On New Year's Eve, they ended up in a bar called the Golden Bull. It was dark, loud, and crowded. They began to dance. Nicole noticed Jeffery was distracted. She knew what was up. "You're going to propose at midnight, aren't you?" "Yeah." They knew what was coming, but the music cut off suddenly.

10! 9! 8! 7! Jeffery reached into the pocket of his jacket. 6! 5! 4! Nicole's hands raised to cover her huge grin. Jeffery began to kneel while opening the ring box.

3! 2! 1! The ring fell out. Happy New Year!!!

The ring rolled across the dark, crowded floor. Andrew jumped into action, crawling between the legs of the many bar patrons. He found the ring, letting Jeffery and Nicole complete their proposal. Later that night, Andrew would be named Jeffery's best man.

And that, dear guest, is why you are here. You are invited to the wedding of Nicole and Jeffery!

Oh yeah, and then shortly afterward we’re moving to Amsterdam.